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Symptoms: Turns on and operate as normal but would not play any games or not hold the game inside spits it back out.

How we fix: Nintendo DS console use copper pins (contacts) to connect the games to the mother board to read and play the games and some time extra moisture can cause these copper contacts to corrode or kids pushing the stylus or other object into the card reader bends the pins and stops the console reading games. Some times we can clean the copper contacts and it will start games to work and it is a cheaper repair and if this does not work we can replace the entire card reader with a Brand new card reader which would fix the issue. When the card reader does not hold the game it is the locking mechanism some time we can put it back into place and it works and worse can we can replace the entire card reader.

Cost: $35 if we can clean the contacts or fix locking mechanism $85.00 replace the entire card reader.

Warranty: 3 months warranty.

We pick up from you and repair your console and redeliver with our pickup and deliveryservice