Free Quotation for Electronic repairs

Customer service:

VIC , TAS : 03-85927950

NSW,ACT : 02-84056880

QLD : 07-30515400

WA,SA, NT : 08-63369470

Please Note: majority of consoles (ps2, ps3, wii, xbox, xbox360) costs $12.50 freight from any where in Australia to us and same to go back and portable consoles (PSP, NDS) $8 per trip and most of the time this is incorporate in our repair cost and if you wish not to go ahead with the repair then this freight cost must be paid before we could return your console.

Please do not include unnecessary accessories as cable and controllers when you package your unit for repairs unless the fault is related to accessory. If you ignore this note and include accessories you may incur extra freight fees. The above serial number may be changed depending on the parts we may have to replace in order to get your console funtional again. We may replace other parts to repair your unit if found faulty and may not inform you unless we intend to charge extra money for the extra parts we have to replace.

When the consoles are returned after repairs we deliver via a courier service including insurance so receiver has to sign for the package if the delivery driver miss you they will leave a card for you to ring them back to arrange redelivery, you need to contact the courier within 24hours if not the package will get return back to us and this may incur one way freight cost.

Please note the packaging you use to send console in may not be the same coming back to you for health and safty reasons.