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FREE Quotation for all game console repairs

1. How much would it cost?

We provide a FREE Quotation for all repairs, for further information ring us on the numbers bellow.





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2. How to make a booking?

You can either Click here or ring us and make a booking over the phone.

3. How and when to pay?

Once the console is received in our repair center our technicians will test your console and contact you let you know how much exactly it will cost before they do any chargable repair work on your console. If you're happy with the quote you can make an immediate payment via internet banking with the details bellow please make sure your payment description is entered correctly as bellow.

Bank details

Please Note: Payment description is very important and if not entered correctly as mentioned bellow extended delays of payment confirmation or even may not be able locate your payment at all.

BSB: 06 3244

Account number:1061 8138

Account name: Global Consoles

Payment description: Please enter the serial number of your console we are repairing or if it wasn't booked under the serial number use the number used in its place.

Please note: If you pay via internet transfer or cash at a Common Wealth bank it can go through very quickly if you pay via any other bank standed bank transfer time applies..


Please Note: We no longer accept credit or debit cards over the telephone for fraud issues.

4. What warranty comes with it?

All consoles repairs invoiced and carried out are completed by certified technicians and comes with a 12 month warranty for the workmanship and all the parts used for these repairs are Brand New Genuine parts and they come with the manufacture warranty we forward to you. If you like to know further what part are covered for how long you need to contact us directly since different parts comes with different warranty.

5. How to track my repair?

You can feel free to ring as at any stage of the repair process for an update of the status of your console repair and we are happy to help.

We also send emails during the process with repair report as well.

6. How does the Pickup repair deliver service work?

Once the booking is made, within 5 minutes you will receive an email with a Label attached which you can print out, package your console in a small box seal it all up, paste the label on top of the box and take it to any Australia Post branch near you, you do not pay any thing just hand it over the counter and as soon as they see the label they know exactly what to do, we take over from there and once the repairs are done we deliver your console to your door step. When your console is returned to you, you must sign for it, since insurance is included. Please make sure you contact us let us know if there are any delays in you making the decision or payment for your console because if we have to store your console for a long period of time storage fees may apply and if the storage fees exceed the value of the console after 28 days of us storing your console your console may be discarded.

7. How long does it take for a console repair?

At the best case we have had game consoles picked up, repaired and delivered within 3 working days but things like payment delays parts or freight delays may delay the process. Once your game console arrives at our repair centre a technician will test your console and find out exactly what is wrong with your console then will contact you on the phone as well as every time they update our Data base regarding your game console repair, you will get automated emails every step of the way. Once the payment is made and confirmed we complete all the repairs usually within 24hours unless we have to wait on parts and dispatch your game console so it makes the way back to you. Once the game console is dispatched you will get an email with a repair report which show that your game console has been dispatched and it will give you tracking information so you can track your game console all the way to your door step.