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PlayStation 3 HDMI port broken repair

ps3 hdmi port repair

Playstation 3 PS3 HDMI Port Repair:

12 month warranty on all PS3 HDMI Port repairs $45 Brand NEW Genuine Sony parts for all repairs. Since we are repairing your PS3 console you get to keep all your data. We have a Australia wide pickup repair and deliver system for you PS3 repair.


PS3 HDMI port pins are damaged bent so the HDMI cable doe not plug in properly.

How we fix:

Many cases we can just replace the HDMI port some cases the HDMI components inside are damaged due to pins shorting out.


$45.00 - $94.00 depends on how bad it is inside and the motherboard.


12 months warranty on workmanship and all Sony parts come with same as Sony parts warranty.

How our system work:

All the above prices includes pickup repair and deliver depending on your street address some areas we pickup from your house itself and some areas we send you a label on an email and we need you to drop off at a drop off point at the nearest town center, we take over from there and once the repairs are completed we deliver to your door step. Once it gets to our repair center our technicians will test it and contact you let you know prices and things and that is when you make the decision to go ahead and make the payment. For payment option please read our F.A.Q section.


We pick up your PS3, repair and delivery Australia wide Check if we cover your area (service locator)